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When people first meet me, they often mistake me for someone that is shy. The truth is, I just have to warm up to people.

The same can be said of my writing. I had to warm up to the idea. For years I hated writing, I was terrible at spelling and grammar, and I much preferred to experience my own adventures rather than waste time with my nose in a book. I wish I had known the adventures that awaited me between those pages. I didn't find a love of reading until my senior year of high-school and up to that point, the only writing I had done was a couple of essay and creative writing classes and a few sad attempts at plays which I put on with my friends and younger siblings. With such a history you might wonder why I ever pursued writing at all.

Well, I was inspired. God has a way of pushing us outside our comfort zones, doesn't he? Despite my fears, I decided to give writing a try.

Some of you may be meeting me for the first time. If so, hello! Welcome. I've been around for a while. Seven years to be exact. And for all that time, I floundered from one blog to another trying to find my way and figure out what kind of writer I was. I tried a homemaking blog with my sister, a devotional blog with friends, and even ventured an attempt at a previous writing blog which failed miserably. I couldn't figure out why in the world I couldn't make blogging work.

It wasn't until I was cut off from the world that I understood. That's what a lack of internet will do to you - it makes you think. And when my family had to make the choice of letting go of our internet because we just couldn't afford it, I finally had the opportunity to figure out what kind of writer I wanted to be. It's amazing how clear everything becomes when the voices of the world are silenced.

And here I am. Writing a blog about everything; my writing; my book attempts; my hobbies like photography and sewing; the lessons God is teaching me; and all the little details and adventures that make up my life.

I hope that my random musings inspire and challenge you in your Christian walk.

Many Blessings,

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